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Local DIY store in Ludlow

Ludlow Homecare Ltd is a local store in Ludlow that stocks a huge range of DIY supplies.

DIY supplies for your home

With a variety of top manufacturers, we have an excellent choice of both power and hand tools at very competitive prices. Whatever your household job, Ludlow Homecare Ltd can supply the equipment for your needs.

 "To have a DIY store as well stocked as this in Ludlow is really useful. The prices are competitive when you consider the time, petrol and car parking aspects of driving to the next town. This month I have had paint mixed to a scanned colour, a new bathroom floor and bedroom carpet fitted, bought plants, paintbrushes and a lampshade. I have sought advice on a new bathroom and bought a set of saucepans as a wedding present. The floor fitters even helped my bath delivery man get the bath up the stairs and one of the other staff dropped a piece of plywood, too large for my car, off at my house in his lunch hour! Now that's what I call service!"

Our products include

  • Saws and blades
  • Screw drivers, drill bits, and routers
  • Mallets, sledge hammers and punches
  • Files, hole cutters, pliers and cutters
  • Lighting, electric sockets and electrical fittings
  • Hardware and locks
We sell Stanley, Draper and many other major brands of tools covering all types of DIY products. In addition to DIY products, we also sell a variety of furniture. Get in touch with us now to find out more.

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If you are looking for a DIY store in Ludlow, visit Ludlow Homecare Ltd or call 01584 874 554

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